Unplugged For Her

Inspired by the natural, effortless sensuality of the muse, Unplugged for Her draws in the most charismatic men, leaving them wanting more.

Fleur d’Osmanthus Fragrant Water

The scent of happiness; this is exhilarating and uplifting. Inspired by China’s gardens, its enchanting essence adds a touch of luxury to daily life.

Dragon Fruit Pick-me-up Cologne Spray

Experience paradise with Demeter FL Dragon Fruit Cologne Spray created with leafy green notes, juicy dragon fruit, citrus zest, soft floral and wood hints.

Closer by Halle Berry

Closer envelops a masculine fougère accord with a blend of violet flowers, mimosa and an ozonic top accord. The result—a woodsy floral fougère.

Body Mist

Inspired by a woman who wants to feel self-assured and refreshingly romantic; it envelops with notes of bing cherry, Madagascar vanilla and English rose.

Very Sassy Eau De Parfum Spray

A modern, fruity fragrance with a hint of musk, inspired by a lush mix of exotic black currant berries and warm peach skin.