Untold Eau de Parfum

The sensual floral composition celebrates the intrigue of the modern women, capturing the moments and untold stories that define and inspire her.

Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum

Michael Kors Sexy Amber EDP expresses the part of the brand that is all about undeniable pleasure and instant sex appeal.

Honey Marc Jacobs

Honey is a sunny, enticing floral—happy and energetic with a touch of the unexpected.

Eau de Parfum

Tory Burch’s first fragrance is a modern, colorful interpretation of her brand. A balance of femininity and tomboy, grounded and graceful.

Modern Muse Eau de Parfum

The lush, floral woody scent captures the essence of a Modern Muse, conveying confidence, style and creativity with a modern, youthful attitude.

Jour d’Hermès

Jour d’Hermès is a profusion of garden flowers, table flowers, morning and evening flowers. From Dawn to dusk a luminous, sensual eau de parfum.