Who: Tiffany Masterson, Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer, Drunk Elephant

CEW Member: since 2013

Biz cred: Frustrated by products that irritated her skin, Tiffany Masterson set out to create a line that would work for her—without the ingredients she had identified as the culprits behind her skin problems. In 2014, Drunk Elephant debuted at Cosmoprof North America, and there was no turning back. Immediately an industry and beauty editor darling, Drunk Elephant eliminated the Suspicious 6™ (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrances/dyes, SLS) and slowly ascended to become a global beauty brand. In October 2019, Shiseido announced its purchase of the brand for $845 million. Tiffany was awarded a CEW Achiever Award in 2018 for her leadership and entrepreneur prowess; the brand has won several Beauty Creators Awards.

Why is a CEW Beauty Creators Award meaningful?
We look forward to the CEW Creators Awards every year. To receive recognition from beauty industry peers and colleagues means everything to small brands and large brands, as well.

What quality does a product have to possess in order for you to recommend it? 
A product really has to deliver on its promises in order for me to recommend it to a friend. I know this as a consumer and as a business leader. Drunk Elephant is a brand that has truly grown by word of mouth, friends telling friends, and not through advertising or paid sponsorship. The most powerful recommendations come from our friends, family and colleagues—people we really trust.

Why is recognition by the beauty industry important?
I have so much respect and admiration for CEW—its mission to connect people in the industry and for its programming, from education and empowerment to access and action. Beauty industry recognition is especially important to me and Drunk Elephant because I came from outside the world of beauty. It’s truly a dream to be considered in the same categories as some of these industry leaders at the CEW Beauty Creators Awards. It’s very humbling and we are so grateful for CEW’s support through the years.

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