Beauty research company, Poshly, has created two skin care collections based on consumer insights from its popular beauty data platform. The platform, which launched in 2013, uses insights from more than one million consumers to help brands ideate, hone messaging and develop packaging and make creative decisions.

“Poshly has provided insights for beauty brands for nearly a decade,” said CEO and Founder, Doreen Bloch. “We have never before used the platform ourselves internally to pursue white-space opportunities, until now.”

The first brand is called Spiced Skincare, based on insights where consumers said they wanted cinnamon as an ingredient in skin care products for the winter.

“We looked at the product landscape and saw that there were no brands featuring spices, like cinnamon, in an ingredient-forward way,” said Doreen. “Spiced Skincare’s all-natural cinnamon collection features two products, a mask and scrub duo, that are perfect for gifting, especially given the popularity of cinnamon for the holidays.”

Poshly’s hope is to expand the collection into other spice ingredient stories in 2021. “We are excited to lead the charge and show that consumers are receptive to this ingredient,” Doreen added.

The second brand from Poshly’s team is based on the insight that hydrating facial mists have tripled in use over the past five years.

“Spritz is more relevant now than we had originally expected, as people are washing more and their skin is so much drier. Our data shows they are looking for products that are hydrating,” said Doreen.

Spritz Mist features three hydrating mists, each of which features hyaluronic acid as their hero ingredient, named the OptiMIST (daily hydrating spray), AlcheMIST (anti-aging spray) and ExtreMIST (makeup setting spray). Like Spiced, Spritz mists are cruelty-free and made in the U.S., featuring clean formulas and eco-friendly glass packaging.

“The process that we used to develop Spritz is the same that we recommend to clients focused on using data to iterate every part of the product development process,” said Doreen. “We leveraged consumer data and insights from the Poshly platform to select the name, logo design, packaging, ingredient stories and imagery.”

Both Spiced Skincare, sold online at, and Spritz Mist, sold online at, are priced at $25 and $30, respectively.

Developing products is something that gave Doreen pause when she first launched her company, which moved to Oakland, California from New York City in 2017.

“We have investors who always thought we would go in this direction, but it was so far from my mind, and I thought it would give us competitive challenges. But all of the trend data [that led us to these launches] is completely open and available to our brand clients. They know facial mists are doing well. And, there have been clients who are seeing us incubate these brands with the interest in acquiring them once we need larger distribution.”