MDSolarSciences Rebrands to Cast Wider Consumer Net

CEW Beauty News speaks with Renee Plato, the current Chief Executive Officer, about the line’s refresh and how she harnesses her digital and analytic background to help position the brand for future growth.

Beauty Scene: Facehaus; Kat Von D

This week, Beauty News scoped out a new facial spot hailing from Los Angeles, learned that Hailey Bieber filed a trademark for an upcoming beauty brand and Kat Von D launched a vegan mascara.

Nugg Innovates Mass Skin Care Aisle

Nugg skin care has created a new cleansing concept, Skin Fizz, a powder that when mixed with water and applied as a mask bubbles and fizzes to clean and exfoliate skin.

Nügg: No One-Hit Wonder Here

Nügg’s growth—which is consistently in the high double digits year on year—is thanks to its packaging, focus on research and development, coupled with a strategic distribution plan.