10 Mom Influencers Beauty Brands Should Follow

CEW Beauty Insider has identified 10 mom influencers who aren’t exclusively beauty focused, but who have a foothold in the category. Here, their followers by the numbers and why they’re attractive potential partners for brands.

5 Instagram Business Tips Direct from Eva Chen and Team

On Tuesday, June 19, CEW hosted an event at Facebook’s Manhattan office to gain insights on how brands can increase followers, drive engagement and master Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. Here, the top tips shared by the panelists.

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Beauty Insider analyzed the best of the best and shared some key takeaways on what they’re doing well, how clear they are on what they’re selling, how they engage with their followers, and what elements they leverage, to create compelling content.

K-Beauty: How Was The Phenomenon Really Spread?

The K-Beauty trend has taken the beauty world by storm, and very quickly at that. But how exactly does such a phenomenon happen? To find out, Preen.me analyzed 15 million Instagram stories about Korean beauty over the last three years. Here are the results.

Tribe Reveals Top 10 Cosmetics Brands on Social Media in April

In April inclusive engagement emerged as a focus among the brands leading the set in growth. Both Make Up For Ever and ColourPop excelled at engaging the influencer and everyday consumer through their commitment to an inclusive attitude and accessible conversations.

Tribe Dynamics: Top 10 Cosmetics Brands in Social Media in February

For those brands knee-deep in clarifying their influencer program’s strategy, over the past few months Tribe has seen a fresh class of influencers gaining traction among consumers. This community of new celebrity influencers has served as a catalyst for the success of brands widely recognized as beauty’s rising stars.

Skin Care Brands Vie for Millennial Shopper

The pertinent question within skin care seems to be one of relevance: How do traditional brands appeal to Millenni¬al consumers, who now hold a significant portion of market share, without diluting deep-seeded brand elements on which consumer loyalty depends?