U.S. Hair Care Market Trends & Opportunities

In this special report, Kline presents a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. market for hair care products, focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, and business opportunities.

Adaptogens: Beauty’s Newest Buzzword

Long used as remedies within herbal medicine, adaptogenic herbs are a growing trend in the beauty and wellness space. Here, Beauty Insider presents some of the most common adaptogens, and the products in which they play a starring role.

Mintel to Reveal 2019 Beauty Trends & Beyond

Mintel will reveal what will impact 2019 with a presentation that outlines key trends that will shape the Beauty industry, including Sub Zero Waste, Beauty with a Brain and You 2.0.

Google to Present Ingredient Data at CEW Event

For the first time, Google will be a presenter at CEW’s annual State of the Beauty Industry Report 2018/2019 event, which highlights 2018 beauty accomplishments and forecasts 2019’s big trends.

NPD’s 2019 Beauty Outlook

While the coming year is expected to show an amplification of 2018 trends, such as CBD and healing crystals, recession fears may slow performance of the total market as consumers make the move towards more careful consumption, reports The NPD Group.