Anna Ayers

Co-Founder & CEO


Over 10 years ago, Anna Ayers, inspired by Mother Nature, set out on a mission with her husband Fabian to help save the rainforest and empower people through the power of beauty. Her eco strategy was to preserve the Rainforest from destruction. On visiting the Amazon, she witnessed untouched forest, culture and a way of life which was life-changing and inspirational, bringing her closer to nature. With Ecoagents®, Rahua’s environmental group, Anna fell in love with the people, rich plant life and felt a deep commitment to help the Quechua people develop a sustainable business. They met indigenous women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes who had beautiful long, lustrous, healthy hair and introduced them to the highly potent, restorative Rahua oil. This rare ingredient was the beginning of Rahua and Anna’s mission to save the Rainforest.
10 years on, Rahua has helped preserve over 100,000 acres of pristine, biodiverse rainforest and secured lasting tools to protect Indigenous lands for the Indigenous communities. Rahua are proud to be a beyond carbon negative company generating oxygen surplus, with every Rahua bottle purchased preserving one acre of pristine Rainforest.
“When we created the Rahua brand it was specifically created to empower the preservation of Mother Nature.”
Anna Ayers, Rahua Co-Founder & CEO