Janice Dusina

Janice Dusina

VP Specialty Brands


How does your company support Indie brands? 
We seek them out via social media, online exposure/websites and competitive shopping. We offer online exposure and special in store exposure to test Indie Brands!

What is something that indie brands might not understand or know about your company? 
That we are well known in the industry for being great partners – very supportive!! For most of our Indie brands at Ulta Beauty it is their first introduction in a Brick & Mortar. We provide guidance and expertise to understand our retail environment and help them grow. Also at Ulta Beauty there are key activations that we apply to assist in growing brand awareness; lots of levers to pull . . . social media, access to our 26M+ ultimate member.

What advice do you have for indie brands? 
Be fearless, find white space, think of the future (sustainability, health/wellness), don’t be afraid of venture capital, listen to your partners (they have great experience to help you navigate these roads!)

What inspires you to keep innovating? 
Our desire is to make our guests happy… we want our products to be a “wow”!!!  We want to constantly offer innovation and products that excite our guests!

What do you hope to give back by being an Indie Advisor?
I hope to share my learnings about launching brands at Ulta so that guests think of Ulta first as the place to come for relevant niche brands.