In this special report, Spate uncovers new consumer behaviors and intents around ingredients, by analyzing over 500M data signals from across the web. Spate leverages machine intelligence to identify patterns within the signals, and predict where consumer behavior is heading.

Top findings include:

  • Ingredients are still the hero story for beauty, but the ingredients are changing. Americans are showing strong growth in interest for ingredients related to cannabis (+49.2% since last year) and adaptogens (+11.8% since last years). Beauty has always been about looking your best, but now it’s about feeling your best.
  • Consumer needs are evolving—consumers are increasingly turning to ingredients for intrinsic needs, which include anxiety, depression, sleep, libido, and fertility.
  • Consumers are currently associating these ingredients with speciality and supplement brands. No beauty brand is currently owning the space—but there is strong opportunity for brands to innovate in product and marketing to address important consumer needs, as the definition of beauty evolves.