Stylight, the international online search platform for fashion, beauty, and design, has created a report that features five of the most-hyped beauty products based on the hottest 2022 summer beauty trends, the report is part of Stylight’s quarterly series, TikTok Beauty Trends, which features spotlights TikTok beauty trends. One trend not to be missed, according to Stylight, is clean-girl makeup, which shows beauty influencers modeling glowing skin and rosy cheeks. Access TikTok Beauty Trends: *Summer Edition 2022 to see which brands are hitting summer 2022 beauty trends, and the percent increase in engagement for each.

Ren Skincare’s AHA Daily Tonic: 295 percent increase in brand engagement

TikTokers are swearing by Ren Skincare’s AHA Daily Tonic to gently exfoliate, saying it’s a must-have when it comes to getting glowing summer skin. AHA’s and BHA’s have been gaining fame over the last couple of years and this new AHA-infused version is holding its own against options by skin care veterans Paula’s Choice, the Ordinary, and Pixi.

Supergoop! Glowscreen: 1000 percent increase in brand engagement

This sunscreen/make-up primer/highlighter all-in-one is quickly becoming a favorite, especially for those who want to use minimal makeup on hot summer days. The importance of sun protection has become a hot topic in beauty in recent years and this sunscreen seems to be expertly placing a foot in both the makeup and skin care worlds.

E.l.f Cosmetics putty primer: 400 percent increase in clicks on putty primer

One of beauty’s TikTok beauty pioneers, e.l.f cosmetics has become a favorite brand amongst makeup pros and newbies alike. The putty primer went viral on TikTok for creating a smooth and poreless appearing base.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter: 548 percent increase in brand engagement

A celebrity makeup artist favorite, this product by Charlotte Tilbury has been gaining viral status on TikTok. A mix between a foundation and a highlighter, this hybrid product offers light coverage and a glowing finish.

Liquid Blush:  1,000 percent increase in clicks for liquid blush

The liquid blush category has been a rising star in 2022.  With the viral success of launches from Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, many makeup brands have followed suit, creating their own versions. A liquid form allows for easy, blendable application resulting in a more natural finish that fits well with the clean girl aesthetic of make-up application.