March brought a rapidly changing economic and personal landscape as the global COVID-19 pandemic forced countries to enact widespread stay-at-home orders. Social media has long been a way for people to share their lives with followers, and as lives changed in March, so did social media content. In March, influencers increased and adapted their content to fit into their own “new normal” and better meet the new needs of their followers, many of whom were working from home for the first time, cooking more than before, and in urgent need of some de-stressing self-care tips.

To better understand how this unprecedented transition has impacted influencer marketing, Tribe Dynamics used their extensive influencer data to investigate:

  • How influencer posting habits changed in March across YouTube and Instagram
  • How audience engagement rates for influencer content changed throughout the month
  • How influencers adjusted their cosmetics, skincare, haircare, luxury fashion, and apparel content to better meet the needs of their followers

Additionally, this report contains the firm’s regular Tribe Top 10 features including:

  • The top 10 cosmetics, skincare, haircare, luxury fashion, and apparel brands in the U.S. by Earned Media Value
  • The top 10 beauty brands in the U.K. and France by Earned Media Value
  • Influencer community stats for all top 10 brands across vertical and markets
  • Insights into how brands in the above verticals continued to spark engagement and enthusiasm from influencers despite the rapidly changing landscape