With an unprecedented year drawing to a close, Tribe Dynamics looks back at how 2020’s tumultuous news cycles and social movements impacted influencers’ content creation practices. This year-in-review report follows up on the previous Tribe Top 10s throughout the year, featuring a holistic data-driven investigation across social media’s top channels. The firm’s analysis dives into top-performing hashtags and content volume pertaining to topics like COVID-19, social justice, and the 2020 election, providing a picture of how influencers navigated, processed, and discussed an unpredictable 366 days. This investigation is a must-read for those looking to understand the last year in social media, and how 2020’s various crises impacted posting habits and engagement.

Additionally, this report contains our regular Tribe Top 10 features, including:

  • The top 10 cosmetics, skincare, haircare, luxury fashion, and apparel brands in the U.S. by Earned Media Value
  • The top 10 beauty brands in the U.K. and France by Earned Media Value
  • Influencer community stats for all top 10 brands across verticals and markets
  • Insights into the campaigns that led brands to outperform their vertical